Writing is tiring

If anyone can suggest a way to make writing papers a less tiring task please let me know. Having spent all day trying to tidy up a review I knackered. This was not helped by having to rewrite most of an endnote* library as one of my coauthors had used the wrong format (if he happens to be reading, sorry mate, I know it wasn’t really your fault).

* For those that don’t know endnote is actually a really good bit of software if the library you are using is made correctly. Unfortunately, when you download citations from certain publishers they don’t format the author names correctly as such screw your bibliography. If you then edit the name of the first author (for example from “Bloggs.J” to “Bloggs, J” it messes with the code used by endnote. The result, you either need to remove your citations from your document and reinsert them, or unformat the citations and manually edit the codes to match the new ones. This is extremely annoying for a 100+ citation document.

PS. This is one of the least interesting things I’ve ever written, but it got it off my chest


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  1. coracle said

    Incidently have you seen Zotero? Perhaps not as powerful as endnote but it does have certain useful features, such as running inside firefox.

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