Waiting by the phone

I’ve been taking the essence as instructed for 48 hours now. It cetainly hasn’t helped by apathy as claimed, but this may be more to do with spending 9 of the 10 days since I got back from holiday at work. I’m also becoming rather apathetic towards this trial; today I was supposed to receive my first phone call to check up on my progress but I’ve not heard a thing all day.

Oh well, off to bed, maybe they’ll perk me up in the morning and I’ll be raring to go…


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  1. wilksie said

    I hope you don’t feel too left out but I’ve had 2 phone calls so far to see how I’m getting on. The (automated) phone messages definitely say take 3 drops of essence so I emailed to make sure of the dosage and got a prompt reply – dosage should apparently be 2-3 drops twice a day 🙂
    (I’m not feeling any different so far, except that the aroma of brandy makes me fancy a drink – I wonder how alcoholics cope with Bach flower essences?).

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