Take two drops of the essence twice each day in a glass of water

Right, my bottle of Bach Flower Essences “Hornbeam” arrived from the trial today along with the usage instructions. Before starting to take the essence I must first register by calling an automated telephone line and entering my ‘participant ID number’. Unfortunately I managed to get through but it wouldn’t accept my ID number; I decided to take some essence anyway. Now, brace yourself, the instructions are very technical:

1. Take two drops of essence twice each day in a glass of water.

2 . Breakfast and supper are good times to remember.

3. If you have any problems during the study, please contact xxx xxx by email at xxx.xxx@plymouth.ac.uk.

I’ve already found another flaw in this study. I don’t drink water as often as I should, in fact I rarely drink anything that doesn’t contain caffeine or alcohol. Maybe any benefits I feel will be attributable to increased hydration rather than the essence itself.

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  1. symball said

    I have also taken part in the study- a couple of other things that I noticed-

    The instructions also indicate that you should try to use your imagination to renforce the effects- to try to tell yourself that you feel better as you take the remedy.- then you report that subjective feeling backto them.

    second- my bottle arrived with no batch number or expiry date. how can it be proved to work if you cannot guarantee that is has been produced properly. if this was a proper trial it would have to be produced to some very strict legal guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice)

    for all I know it might just be brandy!

    Note- You might want to check your e-mail I think he cocked up the telephone number on the letter.

  2. Hi Symball,

    I think we must be looking at this study too scientifically. Judging from what’s happened so far it appears they are attempting to test whether a spiritual person is more likely to perceive a benefit from taking the essence than a non-spiritual one – surely this is just another way of putting the placebo effect.

    Regarding the registration, I’d seen the email, but whenever I rang the number it told me that I had an invalid ID number. Which leads to yet another flaw, to reolve this problem, I was added to the system manually, probably negating any blinding they had previously (if there ever was any)

    Cheers for the post, if you have any other comments feel free to keep posting.

    *Edited so that the sentences made sence*

  3. wilksie said

    I’m signed up too and I’ve just made my phone call with no problems – but I’m sure the automated reply then told me to take 3 drops of essence in a glass of water, whereas the instructions say take 2. Was I mis-hearing?

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